Getting Your Texas Judgment Was Easy. Collecting It Is The Hard Part!

Research shows that almost 80% of judicial money judgments nationwide remain uncollected. That statistic is pretty much the same for Texas money judgments.

Contrary to popular opinion, the court that awarded you a money judgment does not help you collect it. The collection process is left totally to you. If you had an attorney help you get your judgment, I’m sure you were surprised to learn that your attorney actually knows very little about how to collect your judgment. It’s just not something they teach in law school. And, it’s just not something most lawyers want to spend their time doing.

So, as a practical matter, getting your money judgment in Texas is the easy part. Collecting it is the hard part … unless you know what you’re doing.

That’s why I created the Texas Judgment Collection Center. I’ve been practicing law and collecting judgments in Texas since 1990. In my years of law practice, I’ve turned away a lot of “smaller” judgments simply because it wasn’t financially feasible for the judgment owner to pay me to collect it. But, using the knowledge you can get from this site, you can now collect your judgment by yourself, without the assistance of a lawyer.

Of course, one of the main features of the Texas Judgment Collection Center is my book How to Collect Your Own Judgment in Texas. If you’re really serious about collecting your Texas judgment, or you’re considering getting into the judgment recovery business in Texas, you should get a copy of my book. In it I reveal the same strategies I’ve used in my private practice for more than 20 years.

Information for Texas Judgment Debtors

The Texas Judgment Collection Center began life as a resource for judgment creditors in Texas. But, I very quickly started getting a lot of email from people asking for information on the “other side” of the equation. I quickly discovered that there are a lot of judgment debtors in Texas who really just want to know what their rights are and they were having a hard time finding easy to understand and follow information about their rights.

I’ve now expanded the Texas Judgment Collection Center a bit to provide information for judgment debtors as well. And, along those lines, I’ve released The Texas Judgment Debtor Handbook. If you’re a Texas judgment debtor, i.e., you owe a judgment in Texas, you should get a copy of this book.

The Focus is Only On Texas Law

Let me clarify that the Texas Judgment Collection Center is specifically for Texas judgment creditors and debtors. If you either own or owe a judgment in another state, there is no guarantee that the discussion and information on this site will apply to your situation.

I wish you the best of luck in your collection efforts if you’re a judgment creditor. If you’re a judgment debtor I trust the information on this site will help you better understand what you’re judgment creditor can and cannot do in the State of Texas.

Harvey L. Cox
Attorney at Law
Waco, Texas



Harvey L. CoxMy name is Harvey L. Cox. I've been practicing law in Texas since 1990. I have worked extensively in the areas of commercial and consumer collections, consumer protection, IRS problem solving, asset protection planning, estate planning, and child advocacy.

I now limit my practice to only a few cases a month and devote my time to writing and teaching. My writing focuses on Texas creditor/debtor law issues.

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