How to Collect Your Own Judgment in TexasLearn how to collect your own Texas Judgment — without paying a $250 per hour lawyer to “try” and collect it, and without giving half of the judgment away to a judgment processor!

– Discover the simple 7-step formula I personally use to collect Texas judgments for my clients.

– PLUS, discover a foolproof judgment recovery method that will have your judgment debtor begging you to accept his payments.

Dear Texas Judgment Owner:

Congratulations!  You’ve won a money judgment.

But, now you’ve discovered that the court only awards you a judgment … it doesn’t collect the judgment for you.  So, you’re left to figure out how to collect the judgment yourself or hire someone to collect it for you.

Hiring someone isn’t an attractive option.  Lawyers are too expensive.  They charge you by the hour to TRY to collect your judgment.  There’s absolutely no guarantee they’ll collect anything.

Judgment recovery processors may have an interest in collecting your judgment.  At least they don’t charge you an hourly fee.  But, they want a large portion of your judgment as their fee.  Do you really want to give them 50% or more of your judgment to collect it?

What you’ve just discovered is that getting a judgment isn’t the end of your case … it’s only the beginning.  In fact, you now know that getting the judgment is the easy part … collecting it is the hard part!

My name is Harvey Cox.  I’m a Texas lawyer. I’ve been practicing law in Texas since 1990. During my years of practice I’ve collected a LOT of judgments for individuals, corporations, and banks.

I’ve also seen a lot of people who feel left out in the cold by the courts and lawyers. They simply can’t understand why the judgment debtor doesn’t have to pay what the judge ordered him to pay.  Worse, they can’t understand why the courts can’t make the judgment debtor pay the judgment.

Does this sound familiar to you?

You won in court.  You got the judgment.  Now, you just want to collect what the judge says the defendant owes you.  But, you can’t figure out how to do it yourself.  And, you can’t find anyone to help you who won’t charge you an “arm and a leg” to do it.

That’s about the change!

I want to show you how to collect your Texas judgment.

I want to guide you you through the process of collecting the money to which you are justly entitled.

In fact, I’ve prepared a step-by-step guide especially for you.  This guide summarizes my years of experience collecting Justice Court, Small Claims Court, County Court and District Court judgments in Texas.  It takes all those years of experience and gives you 7 easy to follow steps that will put you in the right direction to collecting your judgment.

These are the same 7-steps I use in my law practice collecting judgments.

The guide, How to Collect Your Own Judgment in Texas is over 225 pages of the exact information you need to make your debtor pay your judgment.  There’s absolutely no guesswork to it.  You simply follow the steps.  And, every legal form you need for each step is included in the guide.

Using these 7-steps, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find your judgment debtor - even if you only have an old, out-dated address
  • Seize your judgment debtor’s bank accounts - there are 5 ways to find your debtor’s bank accounts … with his full cooperation
  •  Locate your judgment debtor’s real estate - then seize it and sell it to pay your judgment
  • Force your judgment debtor to discuss payment options with you - you don’t have to put up with avoidance tactics … you can make your judgment debtor talk to you about payment options
  • Get a complete itemized list of your judgment debtor’s assets - he will actually give you this itemized list … a list that is your roadmap to assets you can seize and sell to pay your judgment
  • Discover the one foolproof method that will have your judgment debtor begging you to accept installment payments on your judgment - talk about “turning the tables” on your judgment debtor … he won’t believe you can do this … until it happens

But, I’ve barely touched on the wealth of information you are about to learn.  Your search for help to make your judgment debtor pay is over.  You are about to get answers to ALL of your questions … in plain English.

You won’t be “left in the dark” at any stage of the process.  You won’t have to try and figure out how to accomplish any of these steps.  You won’t need a legal dictionary to decipher each step of the process.  Everything is laid out for you in easy to follow steps.

And, you’ll get complete, easy to use legal forms that are acceptable in every court in the State of Texas.  These are the actual forms I use in my practice everyday collecting large judgments for my corporate and bank clients.

Here’s What Others Have to Say About How to Collect Your Own Judgment in Texas:

“I had litigated in Texas for 15 years when I discovered Harvey Cox’s How to Collect Your Own Judgment in Texas. I was very skeptical at first. But I had tried the two volume Texas Creditor’s Manual and found it overcomplicated and unwieldy for a collections newcomer. I was delighted to receive Harvey Cox’s step by step instructions and easily downloadable forms. I have done several garnishments with the help of his manual, and it has made the difference in several thousand dollars to my bottom line. I recommend it to my attorney friends.”
- Dorothea Laster, Texas Attorney

“I have been wondering for a long time after my judgment what to do. I could hire a lawyer or try to research it on my own. I was leaning towards hiring a lawyer just because I don’t know the forms or the process. However, after finding Harvey L. Cox’s web site, I was hoping his book would assist in the process. I was overly impressed by the forms and the information. Also, Harvey responds very quickly to any email questions.”
- Chris Potter, San Antonio, Texas

“Your book How to Collect Your Own Judgment in Texas has been terrific. It is exactly what I needed to know. I read some chapters more than once and get more from them every time I read it. I have a ways to go but it’s a very exciting field. Many thanks for all of your help.”
- James deBourbon, Grand Prairie, Texas

“I was so frustrated with the whole Small Claims Court farce and I was about ready to throw in the towel and just hand the case over to some unknown recovery specialist for free. Now only 43 days later, I stand here with my mouth open in awe that your ‘process’ worked exactly as described. I am so pleased and amazed with your system. You’ve been true to your word on providing email follow-up.

I’m finding that your online book, Yahoo forum, email access, and inventory of required forms constitute a valuable package for those of us in the dilemma of chasing down payment on a Texas judgment. We are taught all our lives that ‘You get what you pay for.’ In truth, later we find that sometimes you get far, far less that what you paid for. I’ll have to say that with your collection of judgment recovery tools – I feel like I’ve gotten MORE than what I paid for.”
- John M. Southworth, The Woodlands, Texas

“I want to thank you for the assistance you’ve given me regarding my judgment collection and ask you to include this letter as a testimonial for your product. I am a very careful consumer and have to confess I was a bit skeptical when considering your product. After much checking and investigating, I decided to purchase your course and I’m so pleased I did.

I had a default judgment for $500 for the return of a security deposit. I called 50 (literally) law firms and only one of them was interested in taking a case for that small amount of judgment. They would have required a $1,000 retainer fee upfront. Thanks to your course I have been able to collect almost all of my deposit and, after filing an Abstract of Judgment, am sure the rest will be forthcoming. The information in your course is easy to use and the forms are all current and correct.

Your product has made it possible for ‘the little guy’ to win!”
- R.J.C., Edinburg, Texas

“Hey Mr. Cox – I just finished my second Motion to Compel court case and I couldn’t be happier. I followed your simple step-by-step instructions and everything went just like clock work. I was surprised my judgement debtor showed up. But he did and he is now scrambling to get me some money to pay me off (we talked after court). Like many others, he thought there was really nothing I could do to collect my judgement. Now he knows that’s not right.

It feels so good to let someone know they can’t just ignore a judgement debt. Your book is a must-have for anyone that needs to collect from dead beat clients. It is simply the best. I love the simple language and the step-by-step easy to follow instructions, not to mention the email support I got from you on my many questions that came up along the way. I can’t thank you enough. I’ve got more cases that have been collecting dust since I got the judgements but that’s going to change. Thanks bunches.”
- John Riley

“I wanted to spend as little money as possible in my pursuit of collecting the judgment I was recently awarded. I quickly found that collecting on my judgment could be complicated. The law, processes, and procedures are foreign to most of us. I researched and found many different ways to collect on my judgment and decided to purchase Harvey Cox’s book How to Collect Your Own Judgment in Texas.

The book is very easy to read and understand. The steps that need to be taken to collect on my judgment are clearly outlined and documented. Mr. Cox also provides an explanation of the law so I can understand why I am taking the steps needed to collect. Additionally, Mr. Cox is accessible for questions and advice. He has answered each of my questions rapidly and that has enabled me to approach the process with a high degree of confidence.

Getting the judgment was the hard part. With the help of Mr. Cox’s book, collecting on the judgment will be the fun part! I would not be able to do this without the tremendous resource that Mr. Cox has provided.”
- Dan G., Dallas, Texas

“On 25 October 2007 I took my prior landlord to small claims court for the bad faith retention of my security deposit. The judge ruled in my favor and awarded me treble damages which totaled $2,250.00 plus court costs and reasonable attorney fees necessary to recovery my judgment. As I would come to find out ascertaining the judgment was the easy part, however, collecting it would be much more difficult.

Fortunately, I came across How to Collect Your Own Judgment in Texas by attorney Harvey L. Cox. This book was in invaluable tool in navigating the often protracted and frustrating journey required to recover a judgment. Mr. Cox imparts his experience and wisdom in easily digestible and straightforward terms. He supports your endeavors one hundred percent with follow up advice, legal forms for every situation, and a judgment collection forum to share ideas and voice questions. His responsiveness is always timely and his assistance is indispensable.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone serious about collecting a judgment in Texas. I endorse Mr. Cox’s services without reservation.”
- Christopher S. Zimmer, A Successful Customer

“I highly recommend Harvey Cox’s book, How to Collect Your Own Judgment in Texas. Although I have been handling my own legal matters for years, this book still proved to be a valuable resource for me to collect my judgment. It systematically reviews the post judgment process and procedures, and provides most of the forms needed for this process. And the support he offers is excellent.

He has answered many of my questions and provided many opinions. For example, I had a situation out of the ordinary that was not covered in his book. My judgment misspelled the debtors name. Harvey Cox answered my email questions with an explanation on what steps can be taken to correct a judgment, how that process works, and described his similar experience. He also created a standard form for correcting clerical mistakes in a judgment, and answered followup questions that I had for clarification. Buying Harvey’s book is recommended for anyone who is trying to enforce a judgment no matter what experience you have.
- Tony Savarese, Measurement Systems, Arlington, Texas

“I wanted to let you personally know how much your book has helped me and how much I appreciate its availability. I followed every step you outlined, and my JD finally went too far and ignored the summons from the court to appear for a hearing on my Interrogatory and his continued refusal to respond to it. Today he was in court (after the court issued a writ and the Constable visited his home).

I received a call in the morning from him, while he was at the court, asking how much was required for the settlement and details about what I would accept. Two hours later we met in the judges chambers, he gave me 80% of the accrued amount in cash and signed a notarized affidavit promising to mail me a Postal Money Order within 30 days for the balance. I have no doubt he will abide by the agreement.

This has taken 3 1/2 years since my first attempt to contact the JD, and 2 1/2 years since I received your e-book. But, I vowed never to give up, no matter how long it took, and perseverance paid off. Thank you!”
- Michael Winnick

Armed with the knowledge of these 7-steps, you’ll be able to accomplish what your judgment debtor thinks is impossible … force him to pay up!  The information you’ll get in these 7-steps is your ticket to finally getting the justice you deserve.

You can purchase and download the ebook How to Collect Your Own Judgment in Texas by clicking the following “Buy Now” button:

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Harvey L. Cox
Attorney at Law
Waco, Texas

P.S.  Just in case you’re still hesitating, let me help you evaluate your options …

Option #1:  You can choose to do nothing.  Some people just like things the way they are.  If you’re completely satisfied having your judgment on paper and never collecting a single dime of it, then this option probably makes sense for you.  But, let’s face it, you wouldn’t have read this far if you weren’t interested in actually collecting the money your judgment debtor owes you, now would you?  Let’s take a look at your other options.

Option #2:  You can spend a lot of money hiring a lawyer to TRY to collect your judgment for you.  But, unless the lawyer you hire is very familiar with judgment recovery in Texas, he won’t know how to use the 7-steps available to force your judgment debtor to pay.  And, don’t forget, that hourly rate can quickly outstrip the value of your judgment.  Do you really want to spend more to collect your judgment than you’ll actually receive when the dust settles?  I don’t think so.

Option #3:  You can give away 50% or 60% or your judgment to a judgment recovery processor to collect it for you.  But, if the judgment processor, who isn’t an attorney, can collect the judgment, why can’t you?  Do you really want to give away a very significant portion of the money the judgment debtor owes YOU to another person to collect your judgment?  Besides, what can a third-party judgment processor do that you can’t do?  Absolutely nothing … once you learn how to do it.

Option #4:  You can invest your time learning the 7-steps in How to Collect Your Own Judgment in Texas.  You’ll learn step-by-step everything you need to know to collect real money on your judgment.

Time to choose …

Which option makes the most sense to you?  I thought so!

P.P.S.  Don’t let this offer pass you by!  You invested valuable time and money to get your judgment.  Don’t let that investment be a waste.  Invest the time … learn how to finish what you started.

Order your copy of How to Collect Your Own Judgment in Texas today!

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Harvey L. Cox
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Harvey L. Cox, J.D.

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